Refurence is a tool for displaying visual and written references to help artists make commissioned art

create a refurence to:

* describe a fantasy character and their backstory

* cool fursona

* better explain a specific concept or theme



programmer - emo bitch


programmer - fox with mad skillz; rolls her own, gives no fucks


consultant - caribou guru

Privacy Policy

  • refurence's will do the following:

    - ask for permission to create a folder in your Dropbox via the Dropbox API
    - create its own folder in your Dropbox Apps folders
    - upload, delete, and modify files within its own Dropbox folder
    - in order to make images publicly visible, refurence will automatically "Share so anyone with a link can view" all files in the refurence folder
    - store text and URLs that you add to your refurence into a database

  • refurence's will NOT do the following:

    - store your password. refurence forces users to login with their credentials through Dropbox; this means refurence will never see your password
    - share your data
    - show ads or make money

  • refurence for Dropbox

    - refurence uses Dropbox for ease of hosting and sharing images for public viewing
    - refurence does NOT have access to anything other than files in the folder it creates in your Dropbox
    - this folder is created as "/Apps/refurence"
    - using Dropbox gives you more control over which images are hosted and how
    - using Dropbox means your images are hosted by a company who's service probably wont be going down anytime soon
    - WARNING: do not only store your images here, refurence isnt liable for any lost images
    - using Dropbox simplifies the process of logging in

  • open source

    All code is public and can be seen HERE ON GITHUB